Resonant Gear

Analog Processing
Maselec MTC-1
Dangerous BAX EQ
Maselec MEA-2
Maselec MPL-2
BuzzAudio DBC-m
Manley Vari-MU (mastering version)
ATR-102 1/2-inch & 1/4-inch heads 
Digital Processing (hardware)
Weiss DS1 mk3
Weiss DS1 mk2
Weiss EQ1
Waves MaxxBCL 
DA – Lavry MDA 824
AD – Lavry AD122-96-MX
DA to monitors- Weiss DAC1
PMC IB1s powered by Bryston 7B
MKSound Mx350 mk2 – stereo subs
Plugins Available
MDW Parametric EQ
FabFilter ProQ
FabFilter ProL2
PSP xenon
Softube DS1
Mix playback – ProTools (plays out digitally)
Mastered audio Capture – Pyramix, where CD authoring/album publishing is done and most final formats are rendered.

Location & Contact

3136 East Madison, Suite 300n
Seattle, WA 98112
Phone: 206-325-5212