Our Work

We work with major label, independent, local, national
and international artists; and on all genres of music.

Rachel Field

  • Pearl Jam "Gigaton Live" & 2022 Live Official Bootlegs

  • Eddie Vedder "Matter Of Time"

  • Thunderpussy "Milk It"

  • Whitney Monge "Carry On" "Stone"

  • The Tiptons Sax Quartet and Drums "Wabi Sabi"

  • Alec Shaw "Quantity" "Thinking Place"

  • KEXP Live vol. 10 (2022)

  • The Gothard Sisters "Falling Snow" "Midnight Sun" "Dragonfly"

  • Kye Alfred Hillig "Great Falls Memorial Interchange" "Fossil" "The Dog Lying Down" "In All Colors Singing Back"

  • Zan Fiskum "Forbidden Art" "Sleeping Problems"

  • The Bilinda Butchers "Night and Blur"

  • Reggie Garrett "York's Lament"

  • Stephanie Anne Johnson "Jewels" "Take This Love"

  • Kathy Moore Super Power Trio "I Won't Let The End Of The World Bring Me Down"

  • Erwilian "Advent"

  • Asterhouse "Soul vs. Skin"

  • WOODSHED "Woodshed"

  • Lindstrom and The Limit "The Rope"

  • Lincoln Barr "Forfeit The Prize"

Ed Brooks

  • Fleet Foxes "Fleet Foxes" "Sun Giant"

  • Death Cab for Cutie "Transatlanticism" "You Can Play These Songs With Chords" "Live"

  • Pearl Jam "PJ 20" "Let’s Play Two" "Live on 20 Legs"

  • The Head and the Heart "The Head and the Heart"

  • Courtney Marie Andrews "Honest Life" "May Your Kindness Remain"

  • Noah Gundersen "Ledges" "Carry the Ghost"

  • Isis "Oceanic" "Panopticom"

  • Caspian "Waking Season" "Dust and Disquiet"

  • Botch "We Are The Romans" "An Anthology of Dead Ends"

  • Minus The Bear "Highly Refined Pirates" "Planet of Ice" "Menos El Oso"

  • Chris Walla "Tape Loops"

  • Adrienne Lenker "Hours Were The Birds"

  • Adrienne Lenker & Buck Meek "A sides/B Sides Remastered"

  • Cursive "Vitriola" "I Am Gemini" "The Ugly Organ (Remastered)"

  • David Bazan & Sean Lane "Rare Coins"

  • Deep Sea Diver "Secrets"

  • Ben Gibbard "Former Lives"

  • The Generationals "Actor-Castor" "Con Law" "Heza" "Trust Ep"


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