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Rachel, Ed, and Annie

Rachel Field Mastering Engineer

 Rachel FielD

Mastering Engineer/Owner


One of my favorite things about mastering is the variety of music I get to experience and work on.

I love making the low end hit in hip hop or modern pop; making rock feel huge; bringing clarity to acoustic/folk music, openness to jazz recordings, and a warm vibe to indie tunes.

My absolute most favorite thing about mastering is when artists are moved or excited when they hear their music mastered for the first time. Hearing and understanding the musician's and producer's goals, making them my own, and translating that into moves on the console gives me immense satisfaction. Reaching for my known and trusty methods as well as trying new and innovative tools and techniques keeps me inspired to get the sound each individual artist/producer is after.

I started my career as an audio engineer in 2010. After exploring several areas of production, it was when I first sat down at the mastering console that I instantly felt at home. Over a decade later, I still love being able to simultaneously hyper-focus on details while also zooming out to keep the bigger picture of a song and album in mind.


A few artists  I have mastered for include Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, Brandi Carlile, Thunderpussy,  Whitney Monge, Alec Shaw, The Tiptons Sax Quartet and Drums, The Gothard Sisters and Zan Fiskum.

Community is something I value highly. I work to support our community of musicians, artists, engineers and producers. I have spearheaded fundraising efforts benefiting organizations such as Facing Homelessness and Langston Hughes Seattle, as well as a fund to help local engineers and producers during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. As one of the 3-4% of women working on the production and technical side of the music industry, I am visible, vocal and available for other underrepresented people in audio and the arts, especially other women audio engineers.

I am frequently hired as a guest speaker/instructor for a handful of educational entities, sharing my approach to mastering and the industry from a technical and philosophical standpoint to those who are considering a similar line of work.

As a voting member of the Recording Academy (The Grammys), I serve on an elected board with a focus on advocacy and representation.

Aside from music, I’m passionate about (obsessed with) motorcycles, gardening, hiking and cats.

I look forward to hearing from you about your project, and hope to help you achieve your artistic vision!

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 Ed Brooks 

Mastering Engineer/Owner


Coming to work at the studio is something I truly love to do. The morning's mystery of “What does today’s record sound like?”

The discovery of the first listen to the mixes. Finding the feel of how the songs on the record will flow together. Then the subtlety and nuance of bringing the record to life. That feeling at the end of the day of having contributed to a musician or group of musicians' art.

I’ve been mastering records for over 20 years. I have heard a lot of records come to life and met many people that I feel fortunate to call friends. I’m excited about the records that I’ll get to hear and work on in the future.

A few of the artists I have mastered for include Fleet Foxes,  Death Cab for CutiePearl Jam,  The Head and the Heart, Minus The Bear, Great Grandpa, The Dip, The Black Tones, and Courtney Marie Andrews.

Music is a meaningful part of my life, in and out of the studio. Before becoming a mastering engineer, I worked as a freelance recording engineer and producer. During that time, I got to work with gifted and exceptional artists. I currently play pedal steel in several local bands, doing shows in the Seattle area. Playing music with my friends is my favorite thing to do.


I also have aspirations to record an ambient pedal steel solo record. Here is my first advance single if you want to check it out:     Coyote Moon


In the past year I’ve taken up film photography, which I find extremely inspiring. I relish the intention of working in a medium that doesn’t have instant feedback, the way digital does.


Here are some interviews I’ve done:

 Annie Larkin

Production Assistant


I joined Resonant Mastering as Production Assistant in 2022. My role allows me to be meticulous and skilled in my work of preparing, testing, and delivering final masters for production.

I graduated from Robert Lang Studios Academy of Recording Arts and have since worked as an assistant recording engineer for Seattle area producers. 

As a fellow musician, being able to meet artists and help bring their projects to life through my work at Resonant feels like a dream come true.

There aren’t words to say how happy I am to be a part of such a friendly and experienced team.


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